Bullet Journal Flip-Through: August 2018

Bullet Journal August Flip-Through - Authentically Ash

August was an interesting and difficult month for both myself and my family. My daughter had her birthday early on in the month and it was a great success. Towards the end of the month we all got sick with flu-like symptoms. I didn’t manage to keep up with my Bullet Journal every day (as you will see in the video and pictures), but I did keep up with it most days.

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Deep Cleaning my House: Week 1 – The Kitchen

Household Deep Cleaning | AuthenticallyAsh.com

Today I challenged myself to begin deep cleaning my house. I am going to spend 1 day a week deep cleaning. Every Friday I will work on a different room of my house, repeating the rooms monthly until my house has been thoroughly deep cleaned. I will document the progress and publish on YouTube.

I will admit that I am embarrassed about how gross my house looks, especially in the parts that nobody sees. But I also remind myself that there are houses far worse than mine.

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Easy Macaroni Cheese Recipe

Easy Macaroni Cheese Recipe | AuthenticallyAsh.com

This Macaroni Cheese Recipe is my go-to meal when I have no idea what to make my family for supper or lunch. It is one of our family favorites. Mark has got so good at making this Macaroni Cheese Recipe, he can make it in 35 minutes. All the ingredients are pantry stables so I normally have everything I need to make it at the last minute.

Meal variation for toddlers: Give your toddlers some cooked macaroni, grated cheese and baby tomatoes on a plate and let them feed themselves.

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Cinnamon Jam Squares Recipe

Cinnamon Jam Squares Recipe download and print on AuthenticallyAsh.com

I absolutely love this Cinnamon Jam Squares Recipe. The only ingredients that are not pantry stables are the apricot jam and desiccated coconut. However, in my house we always have apricot jam. Apricot Jam is one of the most affordable flavours of jam in South Africa. I also normally have desiccated coconut because I often bake with it.

Tip: Desiccated coconut’s shelf life can be prolonged by keeping it in the freezer.

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What your guidance teacher never told you

What your guidance teacher never told you about | AuthenticallyAsh.com

I have some inside info about something your guidance teacher never told you, as a young women, when you were faced with choosing your career.

At some point in our teenage years the question comes up “What are you going to do after High School?” If you are one of the lucky people who had the finances or scholarship, you had to choose what you were going to study. Inevitably the guidance teacher would have looked at your grades, maybe given you an aptitude test, and had a short conversation with you.

If not the guidance teacher, you may have done a few online personality tests to try and figure out what you were going to do or study. A few rare people know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives before they have even needed to do any assessments.

But as an experienced adult with 2 children, I am going to share something with you that no guidance teacher ever told me.

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Starting a Prayer Tracker in your Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Prayer Tracker | AuthenticallyAsh.com

Praying for one another is the first act of serving others that a Christian learns to do. We pray for the protection of our families. We pray for those who do not yet know Jesus Christ as their Savior. And we pray for our own spiritual growth. But sometimes we forget to pray as we ought to. This is why I have included a Prayer Tracker in my Bullet Journal.

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