Baby on board

Dad with an electric guitar, mom with an acoustic guitar. Baby shoes with drumsticks and the words "Our Duo is becoming a Power Trio".
Dad with an electric guitar, mom with an acoustic guitar. Baby shoes with drumsticks and the words "Our Duo is becoming a Power Trio".
Our baby announcement

Last weekend, Mark and I announced that we are expecting a baby to join our family at the end of April 2015.  You can see our baby announcement above.

Some of the most common questions that I have received since the announcement are:

  • Are you having morning sickness?
  • Was the baby planned?
  • Are you excited?
  • Are you planning to find out the gender when you can?
  • Are you taking folic acid?
  • Any gut feelings on whether it will be a boy or girl?
  • Any idea on names yet?

In answer to these questions…

  1. I have had evening sickness, not morning sickness.  If I don’t have a full stomach before 5:30pm, then I become nauseous after 6pm and simply stay horizontal on the bed or sofa for the rest of the evening.  If I have eaten before 5:30pm, then I am normally fine for the evening.
  2. 50-50 : we were not using any birth control (on purpose), but we decided to leave the timing of this child up to God, so we were not actively trying.
  3. Of course I am excited!
  4. I didn’t want anybody (including myself) to know if the child is going to be a boy or a girl before the birth.  Mark wants to find out as soon as possible.  Therefore, I have submitted (this time around) and we will be finding out.
  5. Yes, I started the day after I got a positive pregnancy test.  I am also taking Salmon Oil capsules, a multi-vitamin for pregnant women and a calcium/magnesium tablet.
  6. I had a gut feeling the child will be a boy a few days after the positive pregnancy test.  Mark had a dream about the child, and that it was a boy, a few weeks later.  My mother also says she has a gut feeling it will be a boy.  I know that I will be happy either way though.
  7. Andrew for a boy.  Daviny (pronounced Day-vin-nee) for a girl.

Some of the things that people have not asked, but Mark and I hold strong opinions about, is that if it is a girl we are decorating the room in red.  If the baby is a boy, then we are decorating the room in green.  I’ve never been fond of the “cotton candy” colors that dominate mainstream shops when it comes to the baby section.

The second thing is that as far as toys are concerned, our child is going to have lots of Duplo, Lego and books.  Those are our toys of choice for the child (boy or girl) until the child’s personality becomes apparent and we can cater for their personal interests.  We are definitely going to put value on fewer High Quality toys, over hundreds of “cheap” toys.

Lastly, assuming there are no complications, I am planning to have a natural birth.  I am also planning on breastfeeding as much as possible in the first few months and we are going to only use disposable nappies if we are going “out” with our child.  Around the house and at the grandparents house we are going to use toweling nappies.

More than this, I am speculating and thinking about the major decisions that will come along and weighing up the options, but I know that many of these decisions can only be made when the baby is here.  My number 1 goal is to develop an understanding of the child’s personality and interests, then to encourage the child to become the best that he/she was made to be.

A new chapter begins…

Orchid - a goodbye gift from Ouch! a touch of technology
Orchid – a goodbye gift from Ouch! a touch of technology

On the 30th of September 2014, I finished my last day in the Corporate Work World.  It was a day of mixed emotions – relief, excitement, uncertainty, sentimentality and happiness.  The most interesting emotion I experienced was the feeling of a large weight being lifted off my shoulders.  That night one could say I was a little shell-shocked.

I am grateful for all the experience and friendships that I made while working at Ouch! a touch of technology.  The number one thing that I learned is that I am not happy in a Corporate World, that I need flexibility, a relaxed atmosphere and to be my own boss running my own projects that I am passionate about.

I also realized that I need a work that deals more with people, but doesn’t require me to be social with them for long periods of time.  Thanks to a brain-profile test ( NBI Profile ), I found that my Empathy preference was the strongest by far, even though my Social preference was the lowest.  The runner up preferences were Organizing, Realist and Imagineer.

This has lead to me starting my new job as a Web Developer and Content Writer at WebworxX, which is my husband’s business.  It will involve more writing, but will also keep me in the programming field which I studied.  It will involve more people interactions, and I am considering getting involved in Social Media Management too.

Yesterday I set up my office space at WebworxX.  It is simple, but it is mine and I can do with it how I wish.

My Workspace at WebworxX
My new workspace

And that is the news from my side.  I hope that this is the beginning of a more regular blogging from me!

~ Ash ~