My birth experience at a public hospital in South Africa

Andrew Letley |

A lot of people couldn’t believe it when I said I was going to give birth to Andrew naturally. A few more expressed even more shock when I told them I was going to have him at the National Hospital in Bloemfontein, which is a public hospital in South Africa.

The choice to have Andrew using the government system originally stemmed from not being on medical aid. A private hospital charges R50,000 for you to have a baby there without medical aid and a water birth with a private doctor costs R9,200. While we could have taken out a loan and done either of these options, we chose not to.  You see, Mark and I are earning enough to get by with, but paying back a loan is definitely not an option right now. I am so glad we chose to work with our government system, it has made me feel more connected with the country I am living in.

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