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One of the subjects on my Matric Certificate is Accounting.  I did High School Accounting from Grade 9 until Grade 12.  I also did 2 years of accounting while at University as part of my B.Com IT degree.  I cannot begin to explain how much this basic accounting knowledge has helped me to budget and do our household and business bookkeeping.  Just knowing the basic accounting principles has allowed us to live without a credit card or any unnecessary debt.  It has helped me so much that I believe everyone should be able to learn basic bookkeeping and accounting for free.  This is why I developed this free online bookkeeping course.

This free online bookkeeping course is intended for you to teach yourself bookkeeping in order to do your household bookkeeping or to maintain the books of your small business.  By the end of this course, you should be able to maintain the daily bookkeeping tasks and prepare an income statement and balance sheet for your business, or your household.

These lessons will be released on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting on the 2 of November 2015.  The list below with links to each lesson will update as the lessons are released.  Bookmark this page, and/or subscribe via email to the right in order to make sure you never miss a lesson of this free online bookkeeping course.

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5 things you need to navigate your way through life

Mark Letley's Hobie Cat 14ft |

“The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.” – Edward Gibbon.

When I first heard this quote, it sparked both my interest and that of my husband.  My husband, Mark, enjoys sailing.  He has a Hobie Cat 14ft.  The first time I went out on his boat I was amazed at how even a smallest wind would allow the boat to cruise steadily along, all it took was positioning the sail correctly.  This got me thinking, what does one need to do to navigate your way through life?

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