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Ashleigh Letley

My name is Ashleigh Letley, my maiden name is Langhein, and my friends call me Ash.  I was born in 1985, which is the year the Titanic was rediscovered and is also a Bowling for Soup song.

My ancestors moved to South Africa from Germany in 1858, and Carsten Langhein was one of the founders of the Baptist Church in the Eastern Cape.  As a result, the line of Langhein’s down to me have all been involved in the Baptist Church in some way or form.

I was born in Queenstown, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where I spent the first 18 years of my life.  I attended Balmoral Girls’ Primary School and Queenstown Girls’ High School, where I graduated in 2003.

In 2004, I started studying B.Com IT at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein.  I have been living in Bloemfontein ever since.

In 2008 I met Mark Letley at Die Mystic Boer in Bloemfontein.  We started dating in 2011 and got married in 2013.  You can see all our wedding photographs over here.

2010 – was the year my father, Andrew, passed away from liver cancer.  It was a tough year, as it was also the year I finished studying.

2011 – I started as a Junior Programmer at Ouch! a touch of technology.  I learned a great deal while working there, and made 2 close friends.

2014 – I left the corporate work world to help my husband in his business and focus more on writing, blogging, and homemaking, which is an area of my life I feel I needed to focus on for a while. It is also the year I fell pregnant!

2015 – Our son was born on 9 April 2015. We named him Andrew Letley.  You can read about my birth experience with Andrew over here. I also fell pregnant with our second child towards the end of the year.

2016 – After a job offer from my previous place of employment, and following a long prayer session, discussions with my husband and many of my close friends, I decided to go back to the corporate work world… on the condition, I could work from home most of the time. At the time of writing this, I am thoroughly enjoying the new working conditions and the work I am doing.

2016 – Our daughter Brynn Lenya Letley was born on 2 August 2017.  You can read about my birth experience with Brynn over here


I love organizing and creating systems.  The games I played as a child all had structure to them, whether I was creating course material to “play teacher”, making a Lego Holiday resort with a complicated system of bookings and visitors, racing Puppy in my Pocket’s around a Monopoly board (and betting on which one would win), or trying to figure out the formula to beat SimCity each time I played it (I figured it out within a year), I was always developing my organizational skills.  Unfortunately, this didn’t translate into my school work!

One of the reasons I chose to study programming was because somebody once told me that I wasn’t smart enough to do it.  In the end, programming came naturally to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially figuring out how to do something in code.  But, for some reason, I still wasn’t satisfied.  I felt like there was something missing, as though I had so much more potential and I wasn’t living up to it.

Personality Type

That is when I started my self-reflection and analyzing my MBTI personality type (which is INFJ), so as to better understand myself.  During this process, I realized that I wasn’t cut out for a corporate work environment.  I started on a personal journey to figure out myself and what I really wanted from life.

I love learning new things, especially in different fields.  If I stay with a certain topic or in a certain environment for too long I become bored with it and need to move onto a new challenge.  This is a part of what happened when I was working as a programmer.  I found that I am more of a “Jack of all trades” than a master of a single trade.  It is less boring for me.


Homemaking and being my husband’s full-time helper is the only “career” that I have found that gives me complete freedom while still maintaining the structure I need. I am involved in so many different things, that I am never bored. No two days feel the same, and there is so much to learn. There are so many business models out there that a person can translate into a home environment. A person should never underestimate the skills required to be a housewife, especially if she is taking the role seriously.

Rejoining the workforce

My heart is still in my home, with my husband, and with my family. The only way I would be happy in a regular career is if I was able to be at home most of the time. Working from home has become the best of both worlds. I get the intellectual stimulation from my Software Developer career, while still being around when my family needs me.

My beliefs

I believe that my faith and my family are my top priorities. I believe that my role on this earth is to be a servant of God. I believe that my secondary role is to be my husband’s helper in whatever way he needs me to be.

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