Mark & Ash family news – 21 May 2016

Wow, it has been so long since I did a blog update.  There have been so many ups and downs, so much news and so many hundreds of things going on since I last wrote anything on my blog.  I am so sorry for my long absence.  I’m going to try and give you as decent an update as possible.  This won’t be in any order, just as soon as stuff pops into my head.  So here I go.

New Family Member!

The greatest news I have is that I am pregnant with our second child.  At the time of writing this I am 26 weeks along and the doctor is 90% sure we are having a girl.  I am so excited about this, I can’t wait to have a little girl in addition to our boy, Andrew.  Mark and I have been discussing names for the new addition, and while my first choice is Daviny, it is not Mark’s first choice.  My second choice is Kate, and Mark really likes that one.  We’ll see what happens when the baby is born has we have decided not to finalize the name until we hold the child in our arms.  For all we know, we may be God-lead to choosing another name in the remaining months.  Our little girl is due in August 2016.

The Funday Knights

Another new development is that Mark is now the lead singer in a local cover band called “The Funday Knights”.  They are doing mostly 80’s covers, with a few newer songs thrown in.  They describe their sound as a band that can replace the DJ.  They have had one gig so far, and a second one is happening at OFM Downstage (Sand Du Plessis Theatre in Bloemfontein) on the 1st of June 2016.

Alpha Course

Mark and I have become more involved in our local church body (Trinity Methodist Church Bloemfontein), and this year we decided to do the Alpha Course.  It is an awesome experience and I highly recommend it to anybody who is a Christian, or has questions about Christianity.  The beauty of the alpha course is that you don’t have to be a Christian to do it.

Back to work

One of the key developments this year is that I started working at Ouch! a touch of technology again, as a Software Developer.  I believe this was a God-lead decision, and it wasn’t one that I made lightly.  For a month or two before I started working there again, I had a strong gut feeling that I should work at that business again, even though in my mind I was kicking and screaming against it (like a toddler throwing a tantrum).  So I said to God “Alright, if you want me to work their again, then the owner of the business must phone me personally and make me an offer.”

About two weeks later (on 9 March 2016 which is my wedding anniversary), I got a phone call from the owner of the business with an offer:  An increase in salary and mostly working from home.  Internally I was throwing a little temper tantrum with God again, and I couldn’t give a definite answer straight away.  I had to go and pray about it.

This all happened at a time where I was practicing submitting to God’s will, and this was clearly his will.  After about 12 hours I said to God “May your will be done, I am your servant and I will follow your lead on this.  I will give 100% to whatever situation you place me in, like Joseph and Daniel of the old testament did.”  After saying that, I was at peace within myself.

And that is how I am back working at Ouch!  It is strange how easy I have found it to give my 100% to the job, that is definitely God’s doing.  I even volunteered to take over the Getting Things Done training at the business.  I have to say that if there is any part of the work that I love more than the programming it is the organizing, project planning and training.

Andrew’s First Birthday

My boy, Andrew, had his first birthday party on the 9th of April 2016.  I loved planning for that event.  I chose a Neverland theme where the guests were asked to dress up as a Pirate, Lost Boy/Girl, Indian, Mermaid or Pixie.  Mark and I dressed up as Indians (or rather Native Americans), and many of the other guests dressed up as Pirates or Pixies.  We had one gorgeous Lost Girl too.  Her mom had the brilliant idea of putting a label on her back with the words “If Lost call: xxx-xxx-xxxx”, the xx’s were her dad’s telephone number, but I won’t put that on this blog.

Overall, the party was more for the adults than for the children.  We had a lot of fun that evening.  The only downside was that our dog, Zoey, became ill.  Her hind legs stopped working and Mark’s dad and uncle had to take her to an emergency vet.  She had an injection and some anti-inflammatory tablets.  Within a week you wouldn’t have said she hadn’t been well.  She did give us a scare though.

Maryann’s Baby Shower

The other thing that took up time was planing my best friend’s baby shower.  I absolutely love planning events like this, but I don’t think I would be able to do it as a career.  I had lots of fun going through idea’s on pinterest and deciding which ones would fit in my budget.  We had the baby shower just in time because her son was born 2 days later (a month early).


Those are the key highlights from the past 4 months.  I don’t have much more to add, only that I have been practicing focusing on one day at a time right now, and keeping my mind clear from stress.  I’ve really taken up trying to think in baby steps, focusing on the present and not biting off more than I can chew.  That is why my blog and many other parts of my life have taken a back seat for a while.


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