Deep Cleaning my House: Week 1 – The Kitchen

Today I challenged myself to begin deep cleaning my house. I am going to spend 1 day a week deep cleaning. Every Friday I will work on a different room of my house, repeating the rooms monthly until my house has been thoroughly deep cleaned. I will document the progress and publish on YouTube.

I will admit that I am embarrassed about how gross my house looks, especially in the parts that nobody sees. But I also remind myself that there are houses far worse than mine.

Today was the first week. I started with the kitchen. First, I assessed the damage, what needs to be done. Then I created a detailed checklist for myself to tick stuff off as I went. Here is my checklist, it is customized for my house, but it will give you a good idea of how to create one for your own home:

Zone 2: Kitchen Deep Clean Checklist

The worst part of my kitchen is the oven. I honestly don’t know when last it was cleaned. At first I wasn’t going to tackle it today, as you will hear in my YouTube video, but I decided to eat that frog and work on it for 1 hour. I made a dent in the grime that covered the oven, but it is not spotless yet. I’ll tackle it again next month when I return to the kitchen. A little cleaner is still better than nothing.

I worked from 11am until 4pm today and this is what I accomplished:

  • Sprayed oven cleaner into the oven
  • Cleaned top of cooker hood
  • Wiped down underside of cooker hood – I spent 15 minutes on this, it is quite a mess and I didn’t want to waste all day on it
  • Scrubbed top of stove – I spent 15 minutes doing this too.
  • Cleaned the front of the oven – another 15 minutes
  • Threw out old stuff on shelf, cleaned shelf and wiped down everything that belongs on the shelf
  • Cleared the kitchen counter of stuff. Put away and throw away
  • Cleaned the spice racks and wiped down spice bottles
  • Cleaned out the toaster and wiped down
  • Wiped down the coffee machine
  • Wiped down the kettle
  • Put all the stuff that belongs on the kitchen counters back (knives, fruit bowl etc) after wiping them down
  • Spent 1 hour cleaning the inside of the oven
  • Cleaned the inside of the tray cupboard, wiped down front door of tray cupboard, wiped down trays before putting them away
  • Emptied the top shelf of the grocery cupboard, threw away old foods, cleaned the top shelf and laid fresh paper down (I use newspaper to line my cupboards), put all the stuff back into the cupboard
  • Wiped kitchen floor

To end all this, I rewarded myself with a bubble bath.

You may wonder were my children were for all this, well they went to visit Granny for the day and I am so grateful for her help in looking after them.

My mother was helping me clean the kitchen too. She was able to partially clean the refrigerator while I cleaned the oven.

What I’ve learned in Week 1 of Deep Cleaning my House

  • Deep cleaning is quite a workout! My body is very stiff, especially my back and upper arms
  • If you don’t deep clean regularly, then it becomes a nightmare to get it clean again once a person “let’s it go”. The oven is proof of that. I’m planning to clean the oven at least once a month from now on. Let’s see if I get it right
  • I need a good hand cream, my hands are very dry and my nails are brittle now
  • I feel good about myself, like I have worked hard and can be proud of what I accomplished. I can honestly say that my soul feels rewarded after this work

Why I decided to share my Deep Cleaning Journey

Honestly, I am sharing because it motivates me to keep going. But I am also sharing because if at least one person can be motivated to get stuck in and tackle the cleaning of their home, one step at a time, then I have accomplished something.

I also want to show anybody who has a somewhat messy home, that they are not alone in the struggle. TV tends to show us the extremes (Hoarders or Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners for example), but TV doesn’t show us the middle ground. I want to show you the middle ground.

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May God Bless each of you!



2 Replies to “Deep Cleaning my House: Week 1 – The Kitchen”

  1. You are such an inspiration! I’m disabled and my daughter is helping me clean, but I’m trying to do what I can!

    1. Thank you Melissa! I couldn’t possibly understand the restraints you are under due to your disability, but it all starts with the willpower to do what you can every day. You are so blessed to have a daughter to help you!

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