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This week I have been thinking about small inexpensive ways to make our bathroom a more pleasant place for Mark and myself. The number one clutter factor in our bathroom are Andrew’s bath toys. I realized the first inexpensive thing I could do to make our bathroom a more relaxing place was to find a bath toy storage solution.

After browsing pinterest and the blogs of other people, this is what I came up with as an effective bath toy storage solution for us:


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Copy our Bath Toy Storage Solution

You will need:

  • A bath towel rail
  • 2 learning links per basket
  • baskets with holes that will fit the learning links.

Since we already had the towel rail above our bathtub, all I needed were the Learning Links and 2 baskets.


Learning Links

I bought a pack of learning links from The Crazy Store for R29.99, and I used 4 of them to hook the baskets onto the towel rail.  Since it was a pack of 12, I put the remaining 8 with Andrew’s bath toys.

I also bought 2 green baskets at The Crazy Store for R59.99 each.

I attached 2 learning links to each of the baskets and then hooked them onto the towel rail.

After the first night, I found that Andrew wanted to put the whole basket in the bath tub with him.  The learning links allowed me to easily clip the whole basket off the towel rail and give it to him in the bath.

When he got out, I clipped the basket back onto the towel rail and put all the toys inside.  The holes in the basket prevent moisture from building up.  Previously we had a few problems with water sitting underneath an unused bath toy for a few days and mold building up.

Keep your decor in mind when planning your Bath Toy Storage Solution

My dream is to give our bathroom a Zen Spa feeling someday, with a colour scheme of greens, brown and grey. Keeping the end product in mind, I chose the green baskets to fit the eventual theme.

I have found that it is always best to keep your end product in mind whenever you bring any new items into your home.  This way, you won’t be buying things that don’t fit your dream theme, this means less stuff to be replaced at a later date.

Show me your bath toy storage solution

Do you have an effective bath toy storage solution in your home? I would love to see it. Share on Instagram or Facebook with the tag #AuthenticallyAsh and I will be sure to see it!


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