Getting Things Done Workspace at home

My desk at home before cleaning it
My desk at home before cleaning it.

On Saturday I cleaned up my workspace at home to minimize the clutter and make it more functional.  It was my intention to create a functional home workspace using principles from David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done”.  I have limited space to work with at home, since I only have a small desk that sits against a wall between the living room and kitchen.  Our living room and kitchen has an open plan design.  On this small desk I need place for my 3-tier inbox, writing surface and computer.

A clear desk for a blank slate

The top of the desk is in serious need of being sanded down and varnished, as can be seen in the photograph below.

Desk at home, cleared of stuff.
Desk at home, cleared of stuff.

Since I didn’t have the time to do it this weekend, I have settled for putting a lace tablecloth over it to hide the stains.  I did give it some wood food though.  Here is the cleaned and clear desk surface.

My Getting Things Done workspace at home

Desk at home, reorganized.
Desk at home, reorganized.

I took the time to clear out my 3-tier inbasket too.  The bottom rack contains magazines which have recipes I want to capture on the computer.

The desk surface now only has:

  • Computer screen, speakers, mouse and keyboard
  • 3-tier letter tray
  • pencil holder (that my dad made me when he did pottery lessons)
  • Note paper

I still don’t have that much space as a writing surface, unfortunately.  I will have to use the dining table if I need to work with anything larger than an A4 book.  Luckily I hardly ever need to use the desk for anything other than updating our bookkeeping, processing my inbox or playing computer games.

What do you think of my Getting Things Done Workspace at Home?


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