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Katie’s Story

Katie is a new wife and has felt God leading her to become a homemaker (full-time), the problem is that she is a very intelligent woman who has finished law school.  She grew up in a family that encouraged all their children to become professionals.  Her brother is an engineer, and her younger sister is studying medicine.  Katie cannot explain it, but she has always just wanted to be a mom and housewife, although she feels ashamed of wanting it.  Her mother has always preached the benefits of having a job outside the home and encouraged her to be independent.  The aptitude test she did at 18 told her that she had all the skills for a law career, so that is what she studied.  She was an excellent student, acing all her subjects and passing with flying colors.  Teachers, friends and all those around her have told her how talented she is and what a wonderful lawyer she will be.  Starting her career in a law firm was a thrilling moment for her, but as the first year passed, she realized that the demands of a law career would never allow her to be the wife and mother that she dreamed of becoming.

Life got worse after she married her husband, Keith.  He was a very understanding young man, only 2 years older than her.  He loved God and his family above all else, but most of all, he supported her and saw how unhappy she was in the law career.  You know something is wrong when your wife cries every Sunday night.

Katie would cry because every Sunday night she realized that she would have another day where she would get home so exhausted she wouldn’t have the energy to cook supper, do the laundry or anything else that was so important to her.

She thought she could be a wonder woman who had it all, a beautiful home, a successful career and a happy family, but she had been trying to achieve this goal for almost 2 years, and she didn’t feel a step closer to it.  She felt as though she was a failure.

Eventually, Katie makes the decision to leave her successful law career and study something else that is not as time-consuming, something that will allow her to spend more time with her family.  Katie enrolls to become an elementary school teacher.  She is studying, improving her skills, and is now happy.

Who is this blog for?

  • This blog is for people who want to leave their careers, but are too scared to because of social/peer pressure.
  • This blog is for people who have already left their careers and are studying something else, or are running their own business from home, or have decided that they are going to be full-time helpers of their husbands.
  • This blog is for the intelligent women out there who put their homes and family above a high demand career.
  • This blog is for me, as an outlet and a means of sharing the wisdom and knowledge I acquire in my life journey.

Disclaimer: Katie is a fictional character, although her story was inspired by my own.


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