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Bullet Journal Flip-Through: August 2018


August was an interesting and difficult month for both myself and my family. My daughter had her birthday early on in the month and it was a great success. Towards the end of the month we all got sick with flu-like symptoms. I didn’t manage to keep up with my Bullet Journal every day (as you will see in the video and pictures), but I did keep up with it most days.

August Bullet Journal Flip-Through Video

August Bullet Journal Flip-Through Gallery

August Cover Page: Cactus/Succulents

Complete August Cover Page - AuthenticallyAsh

My cover page for August had a cactus/succulents theme to it. This month (September) I have noticed a few people chose a cactus theme for their Bullet Journals over on Instagram. I guess I was ahead of the trend on that one!

August Monthly Spread Completed

Complete August Monthly Spread - AuthenticallyAsh
There was a lot going on. My children, Andrew and Brynn go to Kindermusik with Lize once a week each. We had my daughter’s birthday party on the 4th of August, and a movie evening at TMC Bloemfontein. Unfortunately my children and I were sick so we couldn’t attend the movie night.

August Habit Builder and Habit Tracker Completed

Complete August Habit Tracker and Habit Builder - AuthenticallyAsh
I am terrible at getting up early, especially when I have a child (or two) sleeping next to me in the bed. It doesn’t stop me from trying though. Getting to bed by 10pm was a lot easier, but still not great.

With my habit tracker I also skipped quite a few days when we were all sick. Even though I was sick towards the end of the month, my children were sick for quite a while before me. At least I had a lot of focused days at the beginning of the month!

August Sleep Log and Water/Exercise Log Completed

Complete August Sleep Log, Water Log and Exercise Log - AuthenticallyAsh
It was wishful thinking that I was going to fill this information in while my smart-watch wasn’t working. I believe I will do better in September. My smart-watch’s charging station broke (the cable) and it took quite a while for my husband to get around to repairing it for me. You will see that by the 26th of August the smart watch was working again because I put my step tracking into my Bullet Journal. Hopefully September will be a better month.

Weather, Moon and Sun tracker completed

Complete August Weather, Sun and Moon tracker - AuthenticallyAsh
Once again, I skipped a lot of days towards the end of the month. We had plenty of cool but sunny days.

Bible Reading and Other Reading Log completed

Complete August Bible Reading and Memories - AuthenticallyAsh
This was the worst disaster of my tracking. I barely got any time to do it. It has made me aware that I need to schedule a set time where I can read my Bible and recharge though. This time is going to be from 7:30 to 8:30 daily (I hope).

Thankful and memories completed

I really liked this page, I found that I wrote a lot more memories and I definitely think I will change it to a memories only page in the future.

My Tasks for the month completed

Complete August My Tasks and Birthday Planning - AuthenticallyAsh
This didn’t work out too well. My intention was to list all the tasks with the date they needed to happen on, but I found I wasn’t really looking at it. It was also a problem when I had to follow up or reschedule the task. I have made a plan to fix this in the upcoming month though!

On the adjacent page I had a spread for planning my daughter’s party. That was lots of fun!

Interesting Times

Complete August Interesting Times - AuthenticallyAsh
This spread I created halfway through the month to make notes of interesting things that happened during the month and interesting things that I saw on YouTube. I included a note on a dream I had. I had a prophetic type dream about volcanoes towards the beginning of this year. I have been praying for confirmation as to whether I should share it or not. You can read the result on the 14th of August.

You can also see that my daughter got hold of my 2nd August page!

Meal Planning and Priorities

Complete August Meal Planning and Priorities Responsibilities - AuthenticallyAsh
I made a meal plan, but I only partially stuck to it. On the adjacent page I brainstormed and wrote out my responsibilities and priorities. This has changed a little bit since I wrote it out. I did it because I was having difficulty prioritizing tasks. I find I get so focused on one or two things that I begin to ignore the tasks further down the list.

Basic Dayplan

Complete August Basic Dayplan - AuthenticallyAsh
This spread was made based on my priorities and responsibilities to try and get it all done. I have changed this basic dayplan since I wrote it out, but it was a great starting point. I tried it for a few days, then found it wasn’t working so I tweaked it again. I am on the third version of my day plan right now.

The 7 Days of Creation

7 days of creation spread - AuthenticallyAsh
I was reading Genesis 1 and 2 again, so I made this spread. Nothing really to say here, except it made me research what made Christians stop celebrating a Saturday Sabbath and start keeping a Sunday instead.

And that is it for my Bullet Journal Flip-Through of August. You will notice I didn’t put any of my daily pages here.


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