01 Bullet Journal Flip Through December 2017 - Welcome December

Bullet Journal Flip Through: December 2017


I thought I would bring you a full, graphic based, Bullet Journal Flip Through for the month of December 2017. This way you can look at what you want to see much quicker and don’t have to wait until a video reaches that point.

01 Bullet Journal Flip Through December 2017 - Welcome December
The first page of December 2017 in my bullet journal. I decided that I wasn’t going to color the stained glass window because I don’t have the right pens to do it properly.

I am using a Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook – Dotted Pages – Black and Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens – Easel Case Set of 10

What worked for me in December 2017 and alterations for January 2018

  • Switching from a monthly spread to Weekly Spreads at the beginning of the month is definitely working for me. I like the calendar and notes at the top of each page.
  • The Steps and water tracker really worked well for me. I will just be taking out the KM and time next month.
  • I loved my Thank You Jesus gratitude log. I just wish I remembered to fill it in!
  • The spend tracker is still my favourite, but I have decided to try something different in January 2018

What didn’t work for me in December 2017 and the changes I’m making in January 2018

  • The layout of the weekly spread hasn’t been working for me, so I have decided to change it a little in January.
  • My routines tracker got ignored. I keep forgetting to fill it in. The main reason I forget is because I update my Bullet Journal in the morning, but I haven’t got around to it when I oversleep. This was happening a lot when I was trying to get up at 3:15am. And at 5:30am my son was already awake. I’ve adjusted my sleep so that I get up at 5am. I’m hoping this will work for January.
  • I fell of the prayer wagon this December. I really struggled to get the dedicated time to do it. Similar reason to above, I overslept, then my son was already up. I’m now trying to have my prayer time at night after my children go to sleep.
  • I was expecting myself to get too much done in a day with regards to my daily work routine. I’ve now decided that instead of starting at the top each day, I will start where I left off the previous day.
  • I decided I’m keeping track of my goals and rewards in an spreadsheet from January. That way I can alter the rewards more easily if I need to.

Full Bullet Journal Flip Through for December 2017 with comments

02 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Weekly 1
The first of my weekly spreads. I no longer do a monthly spread, but rather use weekly spreads at the beginning of the month.
03 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Weekly 2
The second page of my 4 weekly spreads for the month of December 2017. I mostly track events on these pages. I also keep track of my Cleaning Zone for the week.
04 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Routine and Prayer Tracker
My routine and prayer tracker for the month. I adjusted my routines halfway through the month. I am also struggling to find time for prayer with my 2 children having opposite sleeping patterns.
05 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Work Routine and Fitness Tracker
My daily work routine tracker and fitness tracker. I found that I over estimated the amount of work and housework I could do in a day. I’m happy with my fitness tracker though.
06 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Gratitude and Spend Tracker
I am terrible at filling in my trackers. I must find a spot in my routines to do it. I went far over budget with my spend tracker. I stopped filling it in.
07 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Rewards and Dailies
This was my first attempt at a reward system for reaching my income goals. I cancelled this system and reworked it. The first of my daily spreads for December on page 55.
08 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Dailies 2 and Reward planning
The second of my daily spreads. We reached our daily AdSense income goal on the 7th of December. I had a few thoughts during my Quiet Time and decided to remove all alcohol rewards from my reward system. I reworked my ideas for rewards.
09 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Goal Achievement Rewards and monthly milestones Version 2
The second page of reworking my goal rewards. A daily spread to fill in the gap.
10 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Dailies 3 - movies to watch - income reward tracking
More dailies. I saw 2 movies advertised that I wanted to watch, and they were not showing at a movie theater near me. So I decided to start a list. I also marked off the income achievements and rewards I was allowed to take. I colored the reward if I took it.
11 Bullet Journal December 2017 - Christmas To Do - Holiday To Do - Dailies 4
The last two pages of December. I made a list of stuff I needed to organize before Christmas and before my husband and I go on holiday on the 11th of January.

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