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Level 10 Life: Goal Trackers


To reach my ideal Level 10 Life, I broke down my Level 10 Life into 10 goals for each category. After doing that, I decided which goals I was going to work on in each category the month and created my Level 10 Life Goal Trackers in my Goals Journal, which is a variation of a Bullet Journal.

October Cover Page

Since I enjoy decorating and making things look pretty, I have gone with a “grapevine” theme and added a memory verse to the cover page.

October Cover Page in my Goal Tracking Journal |

I chose the grapevine theme because the two grapevines in our garden are thriving right now. We are in the middle of Spring here in South Africa.

Monthly Level 10 Life Mini-Goals

Since setting my Level 10 Life Goals and breaking them down into 10 manageable goals each, I decided on a few goals to work on in each category. I will be working on each of these small goals in October 2019.

Level 10 Life - Level 1 monthly goals |

Mini-Goals for October:


Level 10 Life Goal: Read the whole Bible, cover to cover, each year.

Habit to practice: Read the Bible every day.

Goal to reach: Reach Day 54 of the Bible Reading Plan that I got from YouVersion


Level 10 Life Goal: All children over the age of 3 sleep in their bedrooms.

Habit to practice: Andrew sleeps in his bed every night of October

Rules: I may lie with him until he falls asleep. I must take him back to his bed if he comes to our room, or leaves his bed.


Level 10 Life Goal: Have meals ready on time through menu planning and grocery shopping.

Habits to practice: Weekly menu planning. Weekly grocery shopping. Daily meal making on schedule.


Level 10 Life Goal: Create a weekly budget and stick to it.

Habits to practice: Create a weekly budget. Review daily how well I stuck to the budget.

Personal Growth

Level 10 Life Goal: Practice a new habit each month.

Habit to practice: Drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up. Continue last month’s habit (wake up between 4:30 am and 4:45 am).


Level 10 Life Goal: Establish a relaxing evening routine.

Goal to reach: Create an evening routine, practice it and tweak it during the month.


Level 10 Life Goal: Bullet Journal

Habit to practice: Bullet Journal daily

Giving and Church

Level 10 Life Goal: Give 10% of my income to the local church

Habit to practice: Tithe 10% to the local church

Health and Fitness

Level 10 Life Goal: Drink 2000ml of water daily

Habit to practice: Drink water


Level 10 Life Goal: Become an expert in the area of life planning and goal setting.

Habit to practice: Track my goal progress

Monthly Habit Tracker (daily habits)

After setting my mini-goals for October, I made a Monthly Habit Tracker. This tracker keeps track of the habits I need to work on daily.

Monthly Habit Tracker based on my Level 10 Life Goals |

Daily habits include:

  • Andrew slept in his bed
  • Woke up between 4:30 am and 4:45 am
  • Drank a glass of water as soon as I woke up
  • Spent some time reading the Bible
  • Planned my day in my bullet journal and filled in my goal trackers
  • Breakfast was ready by 7:30 am (unless otherwise arranged due to appointment conflict)
  • Dinner was ready by 12:30 pm (unless otherwise arranged due to appointment conflict)
  • Supper was ready by 5:30 pm (unless otherwise arranged due to appointment conflict)
  • I have reviewed my budget
  • We have completed the evening routine.

Bible Reading Plan Tracker

Since I am using a Bible Reading plan from YouVersion, I have put the goal day numbers of the reading plan onto a monthly calendar for October. Each day, as I complete a day of the reading plan, I will mark it off on the calendar.

Bible reading plan tracker based on a reading plan from YouVersion |

Sometimes I might manage to read more than one day at a time, so just in case I get to day 54 before the end of the month, I have a place where I can write in additional days that I completed over and above my goal of 54 days.

Weekly Habits/Tasks

There are a few tasks that I need to complete every week. I have created a weekly task tracker for those tasks.

Weekly Tasks/Habits for my Level 10 Life Goals |

The weekly habits/tasks include:

  • Create a weekly budget
  • Menu Planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Tithe 10%

Andrew’s Evening Routine

I have decided to focus on just myself and my son Andrew this month. I am going to keep on adjusting this routine throughout the month until I know what works and what doesn’t.

Evening Routine to reach Level 10 Family |

After a practice round last night, I can already say that 7:30 pm as a light’s out time is too early for Andrew. He sleeps about 9 hours at most (10 if he is really tired). That means that by going to bed at 7:30 pm he will be waking up at 4:30 am, which is the exact time I am trying to wake up to get some “alone time” before the children wake up. Therefore, I have to move his bedtime to 9:00 pm.

Water Tracker

Lastly, I have made a water tracker. This is to track my goal of drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Water Tracker which is Level 1 of my Level 10 Life: Health and Fitness goals. |


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