Letley Family News: April to July 2015


Dear Friend,

It has been almost 3 months since I updated you on the Letley family news.  I feel that it is high time I got you up to speed with what has been happening in our lives from April to July 2015.

Letley Family News

Andrew is over 3 months old

Letley Family News: Andrew Letley - 3 Months Old | www.AuthenticallyAsh.com
Andrew Letley – 3 months old

Our baby boy, Andrew Letley, is now 14 weeks old (that is almost 3 and a half months).  He is weighing in at a healthy 6.1 kilograms and he has outgrown all the newborn clothes.

At 3 months he started sleeping through the night.  I cannot explain the relief this is for myself and Mark.  We are so grateful for the extra sleep.  Andrew falls asleep around 9pm and wakes up around 6am.  I have a very strict before bed routine for him and it has worked every night so far.  You can see Andrew’s bedtime routine over here.

This past weekend he also sat upright for a few seconds all by himself and he is more interested in gripping toys.  All in all, I think he is growing up well.

Our Business: WebworxX

Business is slow this month.  The good news is that this has allowed us time to work on our own projects, do some strategic planning and sort through our stuff at home.  WebworxX is going to have a make-over soon, and I am so excited about the changes and new promotions we have in store for our clients!  I wish I could say more, but you will just have to wait and see.

Goal: Rental Income

Over the past month, Mark and I have decided to rent out our townhouse and move into his parents house.  There are two reasons for this decision.  Firstly, we want to start using our assets in the best possible way to maximize our income.  This will be easier to do now that Andrew is so young.  Secondly, we want to supervise the construction of a few student flats in the back yard of his parents house.  It will be easier to do this if we are on the premises.  Since we run our business from his parents house we are there more than we are at home.  And since they have a large house with space available it is a better strategic move for us at this time.

I remember reading “Rich dad, poor dad“.  In the book the author explains how a home is an expense, not an asset, unless you are making money off the property you own.  Now that we own our own home, I can see exactly what the author means.  Therefore, we are turning our home into a true asset and are going to have it as our first rental property, and hopefully we will soon be able to buy a second.

Michael goes to the UK

The last bit of the Letley family news is that Mark’s brother, Michael, has finally left South Africa and is working in the UK.  I have heard he is happy in his new job and was searching for his first apartment over the weekend.  Other than that, it is not my place to tell his news on this blog!

And that is all the Letley family news I have from our side at this time.




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