Purpose and Passions

Purpose and Passions (Life Audit part 1)


September is my birthday month, and every September I do a life and goals audit. Every year I start off by redefining my purpose and passions. Every year there are slight changes. I believe these changes get me closer to my true purpose and passions each year.

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To celebrate my birthday, I got a brand new, affordable, dot-grid notebook from Typo. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? I am so happy that there is finally a shop selling affordable dot-grid notebooks in South Africa.

I bought it specifically for my annual life and goals audit, and to track my goal progress.

My annual life audit (part 1)

When I start my annual life audit, I first start by reviewing my life purpose and calling. Then I analyse my passions.

I have never been 100% sure of my calling or my purpose in life. In past years I have “tried one on for size” and quickly realize it doesn’t fit in the months ahead. Hence, I fall off the goals horse and don’t stick to what I plan.

This year, before doing my life audit, I happened to listen to an interview with Abby Rike.

Abby said something profound that really resonated with me. She said:

Shed the shoulds

Abby Rike

Basically, she means: Stop saying to yourself “I should do…” or “I should be…”. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and thinking you need to do it too.

Instead, you need to figure out what is important to you and do that.

This year, I “shed the shoulds” and came even closer to my true authentic self.

Purpose, Calling and Passions

I really took a look at the things that bring me the most joy. The things that feel completely in line with my values, that I can do for hours and that don’t feel like work. The things that come so naturally to me that I am surprised when other people say they struggle with them.

Here is my updated list:

Purpose and Calling

  1. Love and worship God
  2. Be Mark’s helper, personal assistant and companion
  3. Be a homemaker and mother


  • Planning and thinking: being in my own head space and planning strategies to accomplish goals
  • Learning and increasing my knowledge and skills in areas of interest
  • Homemaking and the skills/requirements that come with it.

I can imagine what some people may think. “What? But you have a talent for and degree in programming, don’t you think you should use it?” Yes, I know, but it isn’t actually in my field of interest. I don’t read programming and technology books, I read management books, psychology books, homemaking books and christian books. Lately I have been reading a few financial books too.

There is a reason I did a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Information Technology, and not a Bachelor of Science.

I feel so in line with the purpose, calling and passions I listed above, I cannot explain it. When I came to the list above I could look back throughout my childhood, teen years and adult life and see the common thread that tied all these areas together.

I enjoyed “playing school” as a child, but I enjoyed making the syllabus and timetable for my pretend school more. I enjoyed management games (ThemeHospital, SimCity3000 etc.) and I really wish that it was a genre that still existed. If you know of any modern ones drop me a comment below because I would love to give them a try.

And as long as I can remember, I used to imagine what it would be like to have a boyfriend/husband that I was so close to that he was my best friend. This caused major problems for me because I over committed to the wrong people in relationships. I am so grateful that God brought Mark into my life. We are really two halves made whole by each other.

And more than anything else, I have dreamed of having my own home and I love being at home.

This list doesn’t just make up my purpose and passions, but I feel that it is my true God-given Calling (at least for this stage of my life). So often I am drawn back to the 3 bible verses mentioned in the list above.

Something for subscribers

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