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If you want to connect with me on social media, here are the links you need to know:

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Lifestyle & Hobbies Instagram: This is the Instagram account associated with this blog. If you follow me on this account you will see:

  • pictures of my Bullet Journal.
  • notifications about new blog posts
  • notifications about new YouTube video’s
  • my real-life story, with various updates of what is going on in my day
  • occasional photographs of my other journals
  • only the highlight photographs of events I visit/attend
  • hints about recipes I’m going to cover as blog posts
  • Before and after shots when I fix or clean something in my house
  • Quotes worth thinking about
  • and more along these lines

Personal and Family Instagram: This is my personal instagram account. I decided that not all my friends want to see pictures of my Bullet Journal every single day, and not all my Bullet Journalling buddies want to see pictures of my children every day. This is why I seperated these two accounts. If you follow me on this account you will see:

  • family photographs
  • fitness achievements (like completing park runs)
  • larger number of photographs about events I am attending.

Connect on YouTube

Authentically Ash YouTube Follow here for flip through’s of my Bullet Journal, VLOG and Bible thoughts.