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Week 12: General Housekeeping Routines


When housekeeping, there will be tasks that do not fit into zones. This is a list of general housekeeping routines that will cover all areas of your home, or fall into a more “general” category.

The list below is making use of the Index Card Cleaning System that we created in Week 1 of the Homemaker Zero to Hero series. You are welcome to take a look at my YouTube demo on the index card cleaning system if you are unfamiliar with it and want a quick overview of how it works.

General Household Routines

You may have many more items to add to this list, add them in as you discover them. Some things on the list below may not be relevant to your household, just skip them.

Daily General Housekeeping Routines

  • Defrost Food for tomorrow’s meals – It is best to put meat in the fridge to defrost overnight. Make sure this reminder is in your evening routine somewhere – Daily, Yellow
  • Set Dinner Table – We try to eat our main family meal at the dinner table, it is a good family routine to be in, especially in this modern day and age where families seem to live past each other – Daily, Yellow
  • Check postbox and sort mail – I always seem to forget to check our outside postbox! I’m used to getting everything through email. I need this reminder in my card file – Daily, Yellow
  • Water Plants (if needed) – Depending on your climate, you may need to do this less frequently. Also remember each plant needs different amounts of water. I like to check all my plants once a day to see if they need water or not. – Daily, Yellow

Weekly General Housekeeping Routines

  • Update your budget – You need a budget, and you should be making sure it is up to date at least once twice a week, if not more often – 2x Weekly, Blue
  • Clean and Polish shoes – I found that I don’t need to wash every shoe I own once a week, rather I pick the one that is looking the worst from my cupboard and each family members cupboard and clean those. – Weekly, Blue
  • Bake something yummy – Wednesday is my baking afternoon, just after my grocery shopping morning. I try to always have something yummy in the house in case we have guests or if I have to bribe a child – Weekly, Blue
  • Plan menu and make grocery list – I do this on a Tuesday, because Wednesday is my grocery shopping day. – Weekly, Blue
  • Change sheets on beds – If you use a duvet cover, make sure you wash the cover and pillowcases once a week – Weekly, Blue
  • Clean out your purse/handbag – I do this after my weekly grocery shopping – Weekly, Blue
  • Clean out the inside of your car – You don’t have to wash your car, but at least clean all the paper and junk out of it once a week – Weekly, Blue
  • Sweep patio/balcony/porch – Whatever you call your outdoor area, give it a good sweep once a week – Weekly, Blue
  • Mow Lawn – if you have a lawn, you will probably need to check if it needs mowing once a week – Weekly, Blue
  • Sweep walkways – If you have paths and walkways in your garden, give them a sweep once a week – Weekly, Blue
  • Contact close friends – confession time, I have a not in my calendar to contact certain friends, because if I don’t months will go past without chatting to them. – Weekly, Blue
  • Clean light switchesEvery Other Week, Blue
  • Wash Car, shake out mats, vacuum inside – This is something a lot of people neglect to do. How often depends on how dusty your region of the world is. Adjust this timeframe as you find necessary. – Every Other Week, Blue

Monthly General Housekeeping Routines

  • Fertilize Plants – Ideally a person should fertilize their plants every other week, but once a month is the recommended minimum. – Monthly, Purple
  • Dust high places – The tops of free standing cabinets, curtain rails, high shelves etc. Anything that is high up and you need a ladder to get to. I didn’t put this in each zone because if you are going to get a ladder out the garage to clean, then you might as well clean all the high places at the same time – Monthly, Purple
  • Check bank statements – Go through your bank statements and make sure that there is nothing you don’t recognize – Monthly, Purple
  • Update your bookkeeping for tax season – Instead of rushing to get this done when tax season approaches, try to get the bookkeeping up to date once a month. – Monthly, Purple

Seasonal General Housekeeping Routines

  • Dust cobwebs off eaves – If you don’t know what eaves are, don’t worry, I didn’t either. It is the spot between the roof of your house and the outside wall of your house. – Seasonal, Green

Yearly General Housekeeping Routines

  • Prune plants and trees – You need to check the correct times to prune various plants, and add them to the correct month in your card file – Yearly, Orange
  • Repot plants – You need to check the correct times of year to repot your plants, and add a reminder to the correct month in your card file – Yearly, Orange

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