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Week 13: Pet and Child Care Routines


This is the last week that I am giving you cards to add to your index card system.  These are all the cards involved in pet care, baby care, child care and family routines. You may want to create more cards that are suited to your needs and your family.  For example, cards for dentist appointments, exercise, personal hygiene etc. As you need cards, add them to the system.

The list below is making use of the Index Card Cleaning System that we created in Week 1 of the Homemaker Zero to Hero series. You are welcome to take a look at my YouTube demo on the index card cleaning system if you are unfamiliar with it and want a quick overview of how it works.

Pet Routines

I only have experience with dogs, cats and parakeets so the list below is based on those pets. If you have a reptile, your feeding schedule will look different as well as other Pet Care Tasks, so you will need to adjust the routines below for your pet.

Daily Pet Care Routines

  • Feed pets – You may want a morning and night card for this one. – Daily, Yellow
  • Clean pet dishes – You wouldn’t like eating out a dirty dish, so why do we often neglect to clean our pets dishes regularly? – Daily, Yellow
  • Walk the dog – Most dogs need daily walks unless you are living on homestead where the dog can roam free – Daily, Yellow
  • Brush furry pets – This is especially necessary in shedding season. –Daily, Yellow
  • Remove clumps from cat litter trayDaily, Yellow

Weekly Pet Care Routines

  • Replace cat litterWeekly, Blue
  • Clean pet cages/tanks/enclosures – if you have a pet in a cage or a tank (fish, birds, hamster, reptile etc.) then make sure you clean the enclosure weekly or twice weekly. – Weekly, Blue

Monthly Pet Care Routines

  • Wash the dog – Some dogs may only require a wash every other month. – Monthly, purple

Seasonal Pet Care Routines

  • Have your furry pets groomed – I never saw the need for a pet to be professionally groomed until I got a dog with long hair in a hot climate. We pay a professional groomer to cut our dogs hair in the hot months – Seasonal, Green

Yearly Pet Care Routines

  • Deworm Cats and Dogs – You should give your pets a deworming tablet/syrup once every 6 months – 2x Yearly, Orange
  • Vet Checkups – Baby pets and elderly pets need to be vet checked every 6 months, and adult pets need a vet check once a year – Yearly, Orange

Baby Care Routines

Daily Baby Care Routines

  • Make Formula – if you are not breast feeding, then you will need to make the formula for your baby and have it ready throughout the day. – Daily, Yellow
  • Sterilize Bottles – Daily, Yellow
  • Bath – Daily, Yellow
  • Wash clothes – Daily, Yellow
  • Wash diapers – If you use reusable diapers, then you will need to wash diapers daily – Daily, Yellow
  • Nurse/bottle-feed – Multiple times daily, Yellow

Weekly Baby Care Routines

  • Clip Nails – Weekly, Blue

Monthly Baby Care Routines

  • Make appointments for check-ups and vaccinations – Monthly, purple

Child Care Routines

Daily Child Care Routines

  • Bath – Daily, Yellow
  • Dress – Daily, Yellow
  • Feed – Daily, Yellow
  • Read stories – Daily, Yellow
  • Children’s Lessons – If you home school your children then you will need to school them – Daily, Yellow

Weekly Child Care Routines

  • Wash hair – Weekly, Blue

Seasonal Child Care Routines

  • Make appointments for check-ups and vaccinations – This is a reminder once every 3 months for you to check if your kids need to have any vaccinations or check-ups – Seasonal, Green

Family Routines and Traditions

Every family is different, so you will have different traditions for your family.  Here are a few ideas for your family, you don’t have to do all of them.

Daily Family Routines and Traditions

  • Family Dinner – A family dinner at the dining room table once a day helps a family connect and stay connected.  It is something that our modern culture has stopped doing recently.  I recommend it, but I know how difficult it is to do this, even my family struggles to keep up this habit. – Daily, Yellow

Weekly Family Routines and Traditions

  • Family Meeting – It is a good idea to have a meeting once a week to update the family calendar, discuss locations for family outings and so on. – Weekly, Blue
  • Church – If you want your children raised in a religious environment, it is a good idea to find a church family and attend regularly.  Just attending isn’t usually enough, you need to model the behavior to your children. – Weekly, Blue

Monthly Family Routines and Traditions

  • Family outing – Family outings don’t need to cost money, a picnic or a trip to the park is just as much a family outing as going to Disney Land. Try to do something as a family once a month. – Monthly, Purple
  • Dinner out – If you have the money to go out to dinner as a family, then go ahead. – Monthly, Purple
  • Breakfast out – If you have the money to go out for breakfast as a family, then go ahead. – Monthly, Purple

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