Basic Weekly Plan Week 14 -

Week 14: The Basic Weekly Plan


I used to cringe whenever a homemaking website or book told me I needed to create a basic weekly plan. My days are so varied, how could I plan out a whole week in advance? But then I discovered a new way of doing a basic weekly routine and I was able to change the routine depending on my week.

How to create your Basic Weekly Plan

  1. Get a piece of paper and divide it into 8 blocks
  2. Label the blocks Sunday to Saturday, and Any Day – You could also label the blocks Monday to Sunday if your mind works better that way.
  3. Fill in all weekly appointments on the correct days – My weekly appointments are as follows:
    • Sunday, 10am Church
    • Monday, 8pm Mom’s phone call
    • Tuesday, 6pm Mark’s private music practice
    • Wednesday, 3:45pm Andrew’s Kindermusik Class
    • Thursday, 3pm Brynn’s Kindermusik Class
    • Thursday, 6pm Mark at Church band practice
    • Saturday, 7am Parkrun

    Anything that it time and day specific that you cannot change must go on your basic weekly plan first.

  4. Fill in things that have to happen on a specific day, but not at a specific time – For me, this is seeing to our gardener who comes on a Saturday. Remember these are have to items, not want to items.
  5. On the Any Day block fill in the things you need to do during the week. – You probably need to have a cleaning day and a grocery shopping day during your week. Among other things. This list will look different for each family, but I have some ideas below on what to include.

Ideas for your Any Day block

FlyLady’s weekly routine

  • Renew Your Spirit Day – a day for pampering yourself and focusing on your spiritual health.
  • Weekly Home Blessing Day – a day to give your whole home a light clean
  • Plan and Play day – a day to plan your week and do something you enjoy doing.
  • Anti-Procrastination day – the day you do the task you have been putting off doing for ages
  • Grocery and Errands Day – a day to do your grocery shopping and run any errands
  • Clean out your car and purse day
  • Date Night – a night with your spouse or significant other
  • Family Day – a day to do stuff as a family.

Sidetracked Home Executives recommends the following weekly routine:

  • Rest Day – a day to do anything you want to do.
  • Heavy Cleaning day – You spend about 4 to 6 hours cleaning.
  • Medium Cleaning Day – You spend about 2 to 4 hours cleaning your house on this day
  • A quiet day – where you do all the desk activities like bookkeeping, paying bills, write letters etc.
  • A grocery shopping day
  • A family day
  • Sunday where no housework is done

My basic weekly plan includes:

  • Quiet project day – this is a day I can do quiet household projects, sewing, crochet, gardening etc. My rule is that it has to improve our house in some way.
  • Heavy Cleaning Day – I focus on weekly and monthly cleaning tasks on this day
  • Moderate Cleaning Day – I focus on decluttering or weekly and monthly cleaning tasks
  • Grocery Shopping Morning – I also try to run errands on this day
  • Baking Afternoon – I bake the same day I do the grocery shopping. That way I know my ingredients are fresh
  • Computer Day – a day were I work on my blog and do any computer related tasks
  • Free day – I do whatever I feel like on this day, usually read books, watch a series or something similar.
  • Family Rest day – I spend time with my children doing fun things with them.
  • Movie Night – a night where we watch a movie together as a family at home.

The most important thing is to remember that the examples above are only ideas. You have to do what suits your family the best.

I would love to have an evening once a week were we have home cell group. And I would love a big family dinner with grandparents once a week, like I had as a child. But when I look at our schedule we just can’t fit it in as a once a week activity. By forcing it, our schedule would become too cluttered and we would burn out.

Last step in creating your weekly routine

When you have your list for the Any Day block, you can go through the list and decide what days in your week will fit the Any Day tasks best.

For example, you might take your child to a soccer practice that is near the grocery store on a Tuesday. That means you are in the area to do your grocery shopping on a Tuesday, so it will make sense to make your Tuesday your grocery shopping day.

In our family, my children visit their grandparents every Friday, so I use Friday to do anything that I cannot do with my kids hanging around. I also use it as my personal “recharge” day.

Go through the Any Day block and rewrite the items on the day that suits them best in your week.

If an item could fit well on 2 days of the week, then leave that item to fill in last.

You might find that Grocery Shopping would fit well on a Tuesday or Friday, but you can only have a Rest day on a Friday. That means that you need to allocate Friday as a rest day and do your grocery shopping on a Tuesday.

My complete basic weekly plan

Finally, after following the steps above here is my basic weekly plan:

  • Sunday – Church 10am, Quiet Project Day, Update Calendar for the week.
  • Monday – Heavy Cleaning Day, Mom’s phone call 8pm
  • Tuesday – Computer and Blog day, Mark’s private music practice 6pm
  • Wednesday – Grocery Shopping Morning, Library Day, Andrew at Kindermusik 3:45pm, Baking Afternoon
  • Thursday – Medium Cleaning Day, Delutter Day, Brynn at Kindermusik 3pm, Mark at Church Band Practice 6pm, Kids to Grandparents for sleepover
  • Friday – Free Day, Family Movie Night
  • Saturday – Park Run 7am, Family Day, Gardener comes

A word for the working woman

I hate to seem anti-feminist, but honestly, you can’t do it all. If you have a career, you are going to need help at home, especially if you have children.

I have noticed more and more women becoming housewives and homeschooling moms because their salary wouldn’t cover a maid, childcare and private school for their children.

If you live in a country/area where the public schools are great, then it may make sense for you to have a career. Would your career allow you to afford a cleaning service to help you? Then go for it.

If you are working out of necessity rather than choice, you will still need help. You have to find a way to get your children to help around the house in the evenings, and I also recommend downsizing and getting rid of clutter. The more stuff you have, the harder it is to keep everything clean. I inherited a lot of antique wood furniture, it takes me a whole day to put wood oil on the furniture in our house. It is a job I love doing because it is relaxing, but it takes forever. If you are working, you have to find ways to make less work for yourself around the house.

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