Zone Cleaning Your Bathroom Week 7

Week 7: Zone Cleaning the Bathrooms


I have been told that I am not the only one who hates cleaning the bathroom. What is it about this room that makes it that much more difficult to keep clean? This week we are going to create all the cards we need for keeping our bathrooms spotless.

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Before we begin, here is how to color code your cards

Color Codes for your Index Cards |

Please remember that the personal cards are things that you need to be reminded to do, but if another person were to come into your home to clean you wouldn’t give them the personal cards. These are things like “Shower” or “Manicure”.

Cleaning the Bathrooms

You will need to create a set of cards for each bathroom in your house. I label my cards “Bathroom – Master” and “Bathroom – Family”. See example below.

[Scan of a bathroom card]

Daily Bathroom Tasks

  • Clean Bath Tub – Try to get your family into the habit of doing this whenever they get out the bath. You are not being a horrible parent. My father gave me this rule when I turned 12, and as a wife of a husband who was never taught this I have become so appreciative of my dad. Your daughter-in-laws will thank you someday. – Daily, Yellow
  • Clean sink – Once again encourage your family to do this whenever they brush their teeth. If not, try to do it once a day. We have lots of dust, and if the bathroom windows are left open I have to wash the sink twice a day! If you live alone, then maybe you can do this every second day – Daily, Yellow
  • Clean toilet – Encourage the family to swish the toilet with a toilet brush after using it. Before you go to bed at night add a little bleach to the toilet, swish it around and let it sit over night. Or get a bleach releasing toilet block. – Daily, Yellow
  • Remove Items that don’t belong – This is anything that isn’t supposed to be in the bathroom, take them back to their homes – Daily, Yellow
  • Straighten bathroom – Put the towels straight, pack items away that get left out – Daily, Yellow

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Tasks

  • Wash MirrorWeekly, Blue
  • Wash Floor Thoroughly – This means moving all the bathmats and dustbins so you can get to every corner. Since we only wash the floors in the bathroom once a week I suggest you do it thoroughly – Weekly, Blue
  • Vacuum carpet – When I was searching for a home to buy one of the houses had a pink carpet in the bathroom. I had never seen a carpet in the bathroom before, but apparently it was almost normal in the 1970s. If you have a carpet in your bathroom, vacuum it weekly. – Weekly, Blue
  • Wipe down and polish countersWeekly, Blue
  • Empty trash cansWeekly, Blue
  • Clean brushes and combs – I take all the hair out the brush, then soak them in water with a tablespoon of Ammonia. I sit outside in the sun taking all the fluff out with something sharp (like a toothpick) – Every Other Week, Blue
  • Wash towels – Depending on your family, you may need to do this more frequently – Every Other Week, Blue

Monthly Bathroom Cleaning Tasks

  • Clean Shower Stall – You can do this monthly, or you can do a little bit each time you are in the shower. – Monthly, Purple
  • Wash Shower Curtains – I just put my plastic shower curtain in the washing machine on a cold hand wash cycle. – Monthly, Purple
  • Wash Scatter Rugs – Check your washing instructions, but I also put these in the washing machine on a cold hand wash cycle – Monthly, Purple
  • Clean and organize cupboards and drawersMonthly, Purple
  • Clean and polish woodworkMonthly, Purple
  • Clean CobwebsMonthly, Purple
  • Throw out empties – Empty bottles, toothpastes etc. Throw them all out. Also add items that won’t last another month to your shopping list – Monthly, Purple
  • Wash Dustbin – give the dustbin a thorough – Monthly, Purple
  • Wash Laundry BasketMonthly, Purple

Seasonal Bathroom Cleaning Tasks

  • Wash/dry clean curtains or blindsSeasonal, Green
  • Clean out medicine cabinet – Throw away expired medicine and don’t forget to wash inside the cabinet. – Seasonal, Green
  • Wash WindowsSeasonal, Green
  • Shampoo Carpet – if you have a carpet in your bathroom you will need to shampoo it. – Seasonal, Green
  • Replace ToothbrushesSeasonal, Green
  • Clean ScaleSeasonal, Green
  • Clean light defusing bulbs – These are the light covers – Monthly, Purple

Yearly Bathroom Cleaning Tasks

  • Wash Walls and Ceiling, Paint if necessary – Inspect all the walls for water damage, broken tiles etc. Make repairs (especially water damage ones) – Yearly, Orange
  • Throw out expired goods – Sunscreen that is more than 2 years old. Make-up that is more than a year old etc. – Yearly, Orange
  • Inspect towels and rugs – Take some time to look through your towels and bath rugs. Replace or mend ones with holes in them. I use the old ones for cleaning floors and spills. – Yearly, Orange
  • Throw out or donate old bath toys – If your kids have outgrown certain bath toys but they are still in good condition, donate them. Otherwise throw them out – Yearly, Orange

That is it. If I have missed anything, let me know in a comment below.

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