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Week 9: Zone Cleaning the Bedrooms


Welcome to Week 9 of the Homemaker Zero to Hero Series where we will make all the cards for cleaning the bedrooms. If you don’t know what the index card home cleaning system is, then you can take a look at my YouTube Video on Index Card Cleaning System.

If you have missed the previous weeks, please take a look at the complete list of Homemaker Zero to Hero posts.

Before we begin, here is how to color code your cards:

Color Codes for your Index Cards |

Now you are ready to make the index cards for cleaning the bedrooms. You will need one set of cards for every bedroom in your house. Here is the complete list of routine tasks:

Cleaning the Bedrooms

Daily Bedroom Routine Tasks

  • Make the bedDaily, Yellow
  • Tidy bedside tableDaily, Yellow
  • Tidy clutter collecting surfaces – the chair that gathers a pile of clothes, a desk which becomes a dumping ground for stuff etc. Look at this spot daily and clear it. – Daily, Yellow

Weekly Bedroom Routine Tasks

  • Dust furnitureWeekly, Blue
  • Vacuum, sweep or mop floors – don’t worry about moving furniture, you will vacuum under the bed monthly – Weekly, Blue
  • Clean mirrorsweekly, Blue
  • Empty bedroom trash cans, clean if necessaryWeekly, Blue
  • Wash Bed linen – Some people wash the bed linen weekly, but I wash it every second week. You will need to see how often this is needed in your home. – Every Other Week or Weekly, Blue

Monthly Bedroom Routine Tasks

  • Clean windowsMonthly, Purple
  • Tidy closets and drawers – put clothing back onto hangers if it fell, straighten shelves etc. – Monthly, Purple
  • Dust picture frames and wall decorationsMonthly, Purple
  • Clean cobwebsMonthly, Purple
  • Polish furnitureMonthly, Purple
  • Turn MattressMonthly, Purple
  • Clean under the bed – You won’t need to do this if you don’t have a crawl space under the bed, but if you do it should be cleaned monthly – Monthly, Purple
  • Clean out the purse and handbag you use the mostMonthly, Purple

Seasonal Bedroom Routine Tasks

  • Donate or Throw away clothes and shoes – all clothes that are ripped, badly stained and unfit to sell or donate should be thrown out or turned into rags for household cleaning. If you are crafty you could try quilting or up cycling them. Items that can be donated should be, clothes that are too small for example. – Seasonal, Green
  • Remove all out-of-season clothes, replace with seasonal clothes – store the clothes in plastic bins, or in hard-to-reach places until next season. – Seasonal, Green
  • Wash or Dry-clean curtainsSeasonal, Green

Yearly Bedroom Routine Tasks

  • Empty closets and give them a thorough clean – Take everything out of the closet at least once a year to thoroughly clean the inside, check for any damage to the closet, and also get rid of stuff you don’t want. Also consider making any necessary modifications to the closet so that it will serve you and your family better. – Yearly, Orange
  • Go through accessories and donate/sell/throw out – this includes purses, handbags, belts, hats, and jewelry. – Yearly, Orange

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