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Week 8: Zone Cleaning the Dining Room


This week we are going to create all the index cards for cleaning the dining room. If you don’t know what the index card home cleaning system is, then you can take a look at my YouTube Video on Index Card Cleaning System.

Since every home is different, and since we are heading into an era were homes are smaller, you might not have a dining room in your house. If that is the case then you may want to include the dining room cards with the living room, kitchen or whichever room you eat your family meals in. My dining room doubles as an office.

If you have missed the previous weeks, please take a look at the complete list of Homemaker Zero to Hero posts.

Before we begin, here is how to color code your cards:

Color Codes for your Index Cards | AuthenticallyAsh.com

Now here is the long list of cards to create this week, all for cleaning the dining room. The frequency of cards is just a recommendation. Adjust according to your household.

Cleaning the Dining Room

Daily Dining Room Cleaning tasks

  • Remove items that don’t belong – This is anything that isn’t supposed to be in the dining room. Put these items back in their homes. Sometimes you may need to do this twice daily. – Daily Card, Yellow
  • Clear off the top of the dining room table – Try to make sure you have a clean and clear surface at least once a day, ideally before setting the table for a family meal – Daily Card, Yellow

Weekly Dining Room Cleaning tasks

  • Dust Furniture – remember to do this before you vacuum! etc. – Weekly Card, Blue
  • Vacuum carpet – I have found that vacuuming tiled floors is easier than sweeping, so I vacuum tiled floors too – Weekly Card, Blue
  • Sweep and MopWeekly Card, Blue

Monthly Dining Room Cleaning Tasks

  • Repair or Toss and replace anything brokenMonthly Card, Purple
  • Straighten Crockery CupboardMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean out/straighten the drawers/cabinetsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Oil/Polish furnitureMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean Fireplace – When in use, clean monthly – Monthly Card, Purple
  • Clean WindowsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Dust picture framesMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean MirrorsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Wash ornamentsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Dust lamp shadesMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean Cobwebs – Don’t forget the cobwebs under the table and chairs! – Monthly Card, Purple
  • Clean light diffusing bulbsEvery other Month Card, Purple
  • Create a pretty seasonal centerpiece – This is optional. If I have time/budget I make a centerpiece for our table, but sometimes I just put a bowl of fruit in the center – Every other Month Card, Purple
  • Move furniture and vacuum underEvery other Month Card, Purple

Seasonal and Yearly Dining Room Cleaning Tasks

  • Shampoo CarpetSeasonal Card, Green
  • Wash/dry-clean curtains and drapesSeasonal Card, Green
  • Clean WallsSeasonal Card, Green
  • Clean furnace ventsSeasonal Card, Green
  • Sort through tablecloths and napkins – Check everything and throw out or repair any tablecloths or napkins that are warn out – Yearly Card, Orange
  • Go through all your dinnerware – Check everything and throw out or donate items that you won’t be using again – Yearly Card, Orange
  • Repaint walls if neededYearly Card, Orange
  • Buff and polish silverwareYearly Card, Orange
  • Buff and polish brass items – I have a few brass candlesticks that shine beautifully when polished properly – Yearly Card, Orange

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