Zone Cleaning Your Home Office - Week 10 (1)

Week 10: Zone Cleaning the Home Office


I believe that every home needs some form of home office space. This space will serve as your control center as you go about your day. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, all you need is a flat working surface and a chair somewhere in your home. Ideally you should have an electrical outlet for charging laptops and smartphones plus some writing material, but that is it.

I am going to assume you already have a home office space setup in your house because this post isn’t about creating one. This week we are going to create all the index cards we need to keep on top of the home office and paperwork part of being a homemaker.

Before we begin, the list below is making use of the Index Card Cleaning System that we created in Week 1 of the Homemaker Zero to Hero series. You are welcome to take a look at my YouTube demo on the index card cleaning system if you are unfamiliar with it and want a quick overview of how it works.

Cleaning the Home Office Space

Daily Home Office Tasks

  • Check emails and other digital messages – a while back we had the “Inbox Zero” movement going around workplaces. This is where people aimed to get their email inbox to zero and keep it there. To do this, you will need to check and clear your email inboxes daily. At the very least, scan your inboxes daily to make sure you haven’t missed something important. – Daily, Yellow

Weekly Home Office Tasks

  • Vacuum carpet or Sweep and mopWeekly, Blue
  • Dust furnitureWeekly, Blue
  • Clear your physical in-tray – it is really useful to have an in-tray or shallow box on your desk for any paper that needs to be processed. Make sure you clear this tray out weekly. – Weekly, Blue
  • Empty dustbin / recycle bin – Clean it if necessary – Weekly, Blue

Monthly Home Office Tasks

  • Throw out empty pens, markers, highlighters etc. – Ideally you should throw out items the moment you notice they are finished, but now is a good time to sit quietly at your desk for a few minutes and test all the ones you have lying around. Add items to the grocery list if you need more. – Monthly, Purple
  • Sharpen pencilsMonthly, Purple
  • Tidy the stationery drawer/box – it is amazing how stationery items find their way all over our homes, also use this time to glance around your home and collect things that have grown legs. Have one space to store all these types of items. Collect and organize the container monthly – Monthly, Purple
  • Tidy drawers – go through any desk drawers and clean out old and unwanted stuff – Monthly, Purple
  • Recycle paperMonthly, Purple
  • Completely clear the surface of your desk – Throw out stuff, donate stuff, shred stuff, file stuff etc. Before you put it all back, do Polish Furniture card. – Monthly, Purple
  • Polish FurnitureMonthly, Purple
  • Clean computer screen, keyboard and mouse – Make sure you use a cloth that won’t scratch the computer screens. A soft paint brush works well to clean computer keyboards. – Monthly, Purple
  • Check printer paper levels – Make sure you have enough printer paper to last another month, if not, then add it to your shopping list. – Monthly, Purple
  • Clean windowsMonthly, Purple
  • Dust picture frames and anything hanging from the wallsMonthly, Purple
  • Clean cobwebsMonthly, Purple
  • Dust/wash desk knick-knacks – My husband has a Gordan Freeman figurine on his desk, so if you have decorations on your desk, now is a time to clean them with a damp cloth (unless a damp cloth will harm the item). Also clean pencil holders, letter trays, etc. – Monthly, Purple
  • Clean mirrors – I know a person who kept a mirror on the back of her office door, just in case. – Monthly, Purple
  • Dust lamp shadesMonthly, Purple
  • Clean light-diffusing bowlsEvery Other Month, Purple
  • Move furniture and vacuum under it – or mop under it properly. – Every Other Month, Purple

Seasonal Home Office Tasks

  • Shampoo CarpetSeasonal, Green
  • Wash/Dry-clean curtains, drapes, blindsSeasonal, Green
  • Clean wallsSeasonal, Green

Yearly Home Office Tasks

  • Inspect Zone and plan repairs – Does this area need to be repainted? Is your chair getting worn through? Inspect the zone thoroughly and make sure that everything is up to standard – Yearly, Orange

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