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Week 5: Zone Cleaning the Kitchen


This week we are going to create all the index cards for cleaning the kitchen. Since every kitchen is different, there may be a few things I leave off this list that are relevant to your kitchen. If there are, drop me a comment below and I’ll do my best to add them to the list.

If you have missed the previous weeks, please take a look at the complete list of Homemaker Zero to Hero posts.

Before we begin, here is a list on how to color code your cards:

Color Codes for your Index Cards |

Please remember that the personal cards are things that you need to be reminded to do, but if another person were to come into your home to clean you wouldn’t give them the personal cards. These are things like “Shower” or “Manicure”.

Now here is the long list of cards to create this week, all for cleaning the kitchen. The frequency of cards is just a recommendation. Adjust according to your household.

Kitchen Cleaning List

Kitchen Counters and Cupboards

  • Tidy kitchen counters – This means that you remove anything from the kitchen that doesn’t belong there. Handbags, shoes, coats, toys, groceries, dirty plates, newspapers, mail, magazines etc. Return these items to their rightful homes, toss out or put in the dishwasher/kitchen sink. – Daily Card, Yellow – Possibly make two of these cards to be done midday and evening.
  • Wipe down counter topsDaily Card, Yellow
  • Wipe the cabinet doorsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Quickly straighten cupboardsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Sort out the junk drawerSeasonal Card, Green
  • Empty and clean the insides of drawersSeasonal Card, Green
  • Empty shelves and cupboards, wash inside thoroughlySeasonal Card, Green

Crockery, Cutlery and storage

  • Wash canisters and other containersMonthly Card, Purple
  • Get rid of dishes, mugs etc. that are chipped, broken, cracked or don’t match – unless mismatched mugs, plates and bowls is your thing. I love coffee mugs that have unique sayings on them. – Yearly Card, Orange
  • Go through cutlery and replace missing or broken piecesYearly Card, Orange
  • Get rid of jars, containers, Tupperware, etc. That you haven’t used in more than a yearYearly Card, Orange


  • Empty crumbs from the toaster or toaster ovenMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean microwave inside and outMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean appliances – create one card for each appliance you use on a daily basis – Monthly Card, Purple
  • Get rid of appliances you haven’t used in more than a yearYearly Card, Orange

Refrigerator and Freezer

  • Empty, clean the inside of the refrigeratorMonthly Card, Purple
  • Empty, clean the inside of the freezerMonthly Card, Purple
  • Remove outdated and unnecessary paper from under your fridge magnetsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean the top of the refrigeratorMonthly Card, Purple
  • Defrost FreezerYearly Card, Orange


  • Toss all expired and unwanted food items – While doing this, also add items that are almost finished to your grocery list – Weekly Card, Blue
  • Throw out any spices that are more than 3 years oldYearly Card, Orange

Sink and Dishwasher

  • Wash dishes, fill dishwasherDaily Card, Yellow
  • Dry dishes, empty dishwasherDaily Card, Yellow
  • Wipe down sinkDaily Card, Yellow
  • Wipe down dishwasher outsideWeekly Card, Blue
  • Clean faucetsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Scrub the dish rack and sink with disinfectantSeasonal Card, Green
  • Clean out under the sink – Get rid of empty cleaning supply bottles. Seasonal Card, Green

Stove and Oven

  • Wipe down stove platesDaily Card, Yellow
  • Clean drip pans – cover the drip pans with tin foil to make them easier to clean – Monthly Card, Purple
  • Scour rimsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean knobs and oven clockMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean under drip pansSeasonal Card, Green
  • Thoroughly clean the inside of your ovenSeasonal Card, Green
  • Clean the cooker-hoodSeasonal Card, Green

Other Kitchen Tasks

  • Empty kitchen trash, recycleDaily Card, Yellow
  • Sweep and damp mop floor – I cheat and vacuum our tiled floors instead of sweeping – Daily Card, Yellow
  • Thorough wash/scrub floor – Tackle the corners and the places you miss when doing the quick daily mop. – Weekly Card, Blue
  • Wash scatter rugs and doormatWeekly Card, Blue
  • Wash Pet bowls/dishes Weekly Card, Blue
  • Empty vacuum cleanerWeekly Card, Blue
  • Wash Trash CanMonthly Card, Purple
  • Wipe down wallsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Wash WindowsMonthly Card, Purple
  • Clean light defusing bowls – these are the glass globes over lightbulbs – Monthly Card, Purple
  • Wash and polish woodworkSeasonal Card, Green
  • Clean fanSeasonal Card, Green
  • Wash curtains and blindsSeasonal Card, Green
  • Clean telephone – If you still have a landline. – Seasonal Card, Green
  • What needs repairing? – Look for any damage to your kitchen, really inspect the walls, cupboards etc. Is there anything you need to have fixed in the coming year? A new coat of paint, broken tiles, doors off hinges etc. Make a note about it on a Home-DIY List – Yearly Card, Orange
  • Throw out half (or more) of all the plastic shopping bags you have been saving – I use them as bin liners, but I often find that I still land up with more than I ever use – Yearly Card, Orange

Additional Tips for your kitchen

  • Only have the appliances you use every day or every second day on the kitchen counter.
  • Remove any unnecessary decorations and clutter
  • Consider having a “drop box” on your kitchen counter for keys and mail. A fruit bowl works quite well for this task and usually looks pretty. Just remember to clear it out regularly!
  • Place pots and pans, cutting boards, pot holders, herbs and spices near the stove.
  • Place dishes, silverware, glasses and serving utensils near the sink or dishwasher
  • Place plastic wrap, wax paper, plastic bags, foil and food storage containers near the refrigerator
  • Store plastic containers with the lids on, or put all lids in a drawer close to the containers.
  • In your pantry implement a one-at-a-time rule: Don’t open a new container until the old one is empty or discarded.
  • Store loose packets of food in storage containers or stackable containers. Use one container per category.
  • Store similar foods together.
  • Store the most used items in easy access, and least used items in the harder to reach places.

Declutter the Kitchen first

If your home is filled with clutter, then don’t attempt to do anything on that list above. You cannot clean the kitchen floor if you cannot see the kitchen floor. I want you to make this card instead:

Declutter Flow |

We are going to cover decluttering in detail in a few weeks time, but for now the flow-chart above will give you a great place to start.

And that is it from me this week. See you again next week when we will be making the cards for our living rooms. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you will get an email notification when a new blog post is up.


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