Beginning our living with less journey


Mark and I have decided to start a journey to live with less clutter in our home. It is an ambitious adventure since Mark and I are both sentimental people.
I have been browsing pinterest and Google, looking at Micro Homes and secretly wishing that we could live in one of them. That is when I realised that our stuff is actually a burden.
We are going to start small, getting rid of things we don’t need or love. Things that have no sentimental value attached to them. Then we will move onto larger items.
This is not a sprint, it is a marathon. So the going will seem slow, but we hope to achieve a lot in the long term.



  1. I agree, I’m sentimental to a fault. I have eliminated so much, preparing to move to South Africa. Now we have been here for almost three months and realize a little more what we need and what I don’t. Let’s just say if I had a few more of my clothes, more kindle books, Family Pictures on the walls, my sewing Machine, pots and pans, a Good mixer and blender and more place settings of dishes and silverware, I could survive.

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