Testimony: God provides and repairs


This is my testimony on how God provides the means for us to help ourselves, and then stepped in and completed the repair just in time.

Last week I was at the grocery shop doing the weekly shopping run. As I was reversing out of the parking spot, there was a loud “click” and then there was a terrible rattling sound. It was so loud and sounded absolutely horrible. I immediately parked the car again and phoned Mark. He had to cancel an appointment with a potential new client and he came out to get me.

After Mark had driven the car, he figured out it was a problem with the power steering. He carefully drove the car home. It stood in our driveway until weekend, at which time he worked on fixing it, after watching lots of informative videos on YouTube. I am not a mechanic (far from it), so all I know is that he replaced the fluid in the power steering. The old fluid had gone black in colour, and was very sludgy. Mark worked hard, but the problem persisted.

On Monday, we had to make the choice between tithing as we do each month, or booking the car into a specialist mechanic. We decided to tithe our 10% like we normally do, and book the car into the specialist. We trusted that God would provide, and if he didn’t, we knew we could take the money out of our emergency fund.

This morning, we got up bright and early to take the car to the specialist. As Mark was driving the car out of the driveway, it stalled. He restarted the engine, and the problem was gone. Completely gone! This was yet another proof in my life of how God provides for those who love Him.

Mark phoned the specialist to cancel the appointment and have a chat about what could have happened. Our best guess is that some of the old fluid from the power steering was still in the system and was causing the problem. We will have to replace the fluid in a month, just to be on the safe side.

Praising God For:

  • The children were asleep in the back seat of the car when the problem happened. They didn’t realise anything was wrong until Mark arrived.
  • YouTube – it was so helpful to have YouTube to help Mark diagnose the problem and to help him do the repair himself.
  • Making sure that the car was working again before we got it to the specialist this morning, thereby eliminating the unnecessary expense we would have had.

Lessons learned:

  • Tithe – We have been faithfully tithing for quite some time now, in the good times and the bad times. I definitely believe that tithing is our way of showing we are faithful to God, and in return he will show he is faithful to us.
  • Since I didn’t have a car for almost a week, I learned to drive my husband’s Mazda MX-6 – (1997). We have been married for 5 years and last week was the first time I drove it. Up until now I have been too scared that I would damage it by accident. By the way, I LOVE IT!!!
  • God provides for those who love him and are faithful to him. The last time I wrote about how God provided was when I had my second baby at the National Hospital in Bloemfontein. God definitely was present throughout that process and answered many of my prayers.
  • Everything happens for the good of those who love Him. I have no idea when I will NEED to drive my husband’s car again, but at least now I am ready for it if I have to and he is not around to instruct me.


  1. Ashleigh, I commend you for continuing to tithe; when we were in the process of trying to go onto a debt management plan, one of the things that kept being brought up was our tithe, how we wouldn’t have a problem if we’d just quit – oh, really? and how do you know we wouldn’t have worse problems if we did – but, now having said that, I have a question, why was it even a question if you had an emergency fund to cover the potential repair? isn’t that what it’s for? we didn’t even have one – with my hub, emergency? what’s an emergency? so what we had had was credit, which is what mine would have – and had, hence why we were in the situation we were in in the first place – done, would have been to pay for the repair on credit, until we’d run out, which is what had happened, except not only could we not get new but we’d run out of no-interest payments and so couldn’t not afford the high interest ones; however, to end on a positive note, which is where I was going – God did provide when we refused to stop tithing, He provided the perfect 2nd job for hub – I probably need to blog about it myself

    1. God really does provide! Our problem with our emergency fund is that we haven’t had a chance to replenish it in recent months. We have been taking out but before we manage to put the money back something else goes wrong and we need to take out again. That is why tithing or not was a big choice. If we were to stop tithing we would be able to replenish our emergency fund.

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