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Level 10 Life (and 10 goals for each area)


I am sure that most of my readers have heard of The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Part of the book talks about doing a life assessment and deciding what a Level 10 Life would look like to you. It is a very small part of the book, but since reading it, I have used it as the model of my life and goals audit.

To give you a crash course on the concept of a ‘Level 10 Success’

If we’re measuring our levels of success/satisfaction in any area of our lives, we all want to be living our best lives at a ‘Level 10’ in each area. Creating your ‘Level 10 Life’ begins with creating an honest assessment of where you are.

Hal Elrod, The Miracle Morning

Life Audit (part 2)

Every year in my birthday month (September) I do a life audit. Part of this life audit is to redefine my purpose and passions.

The second part of this life audit is to do an assessment of how I feel about each area of life that is important to me.

This may come as a surprise to you, but I have never found a Big Life Goal that I felt completely comfortable about striving towards. I know the general direction that I would like my life to head towards, but that is it.

This year I set about defining a life goal in a completely different way. I asked myself “What does success look like to me?”

I have finally settled on a life goal that I am completely comfortable with. That life goal is:

To achieve a Level 10 Life.

Level 10 Life: Priorities and Assessment

The first thing that I decided to do was to put the 10 areas of life in order of importance to me. This order changes depending on the stage of life I am in.

Then I thought about how satisfied I was with each area and gave myself a score out of 10. I also used an arrow to indicate if I felt that area of my life was on an upward trend, stagnant or downward trend.

Level 10 Life Assessment - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Spirituality – 3 out of 10, on an upward trend
  2. Marriage – 8 out of 10, on an upward trend
  3. Homemaking – 4 out of 10, on an upward trend
  4. Finances – 3 out of 10, on an upward trend
  5. Personal Growth – 3 out of 10, on an upward trend
  6. Family – 4 out of 10, on an upward trend
  7. Recreation – 6 out of 10, on an upward trend
  8. Giving and church – 4 out of 10, stagnant
  9. Health and fitness – 2 out of 10, on a downward trend (but I am 32 weeks pregnant so I think that it is acceptable right now)
  10. Career – 3 out of 10, on an upward trend

You may notice that career and health and fitness are at the bottom of the list right now. That is mainly because of the baby that is due in November 2019, and because I am focusing on helping my husband build his business.

You may also notice that I replaced Environment with Homemaking. I did this because I felt that since Homemaking was one of my purposes in life, and it is closely related to Environment, I would substitute the word.

Level 10 Life: Success Visualization

The next part of this exercise was to visualize what success would look like (to me) in each of the 10 areas of the Level 10 Life.

Level 10 Life Success Visualization - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Spirituality – Worship God, connect with the church, become more like Christ, serve God, fulfill my earthly mission
  2. Marriage – Have a deeply intimate relationship with Mark and fulfill my role as wife, helper, and companion.
  3. Homemaking – Have a beautiful, relaxing and peaceful home that is well organized and welcoming.
  4. Finances – Reach Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 7.
  5. Personal Growth – Continuously grow and learn in my field of interest by practicing new habits, reading, listening to podcasts and doing courses.
  6. Family – Have a deep connection with each of my children and strong family ties between us.
  7. Recreation – Renew my spirit and keep my emotional cup full by taking the time to do things just for the fun of it.
  8. Giving and Church – Contribute and bless others by giving of my time and resources in proportion to what I have been given.
  9. Health and Fitness – Have good health, an above-average level of fitness and a healthy/sexy body.
  10. Career – Become a well-known Household Manager with a successful business in training other Household Managers.

100 Goals to Reach a Level 10 Life

Finally, I broke down each area into 10 mini-goals that will help me reach a level 10 life.

Level 10 Spirituality Goals

Level 10 Life Spirituality Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Read the whole Bible, cover to cover, each year.
  2. Spend time with God in silence, solitude, and prayer
  3. Listen to God’s instructions and obey!
  4. Sing praises to God and testify about his greatness, grace, blessings, and mercy.
  5. Do in-depth Bible studies of Bible books and topics.
  6. Listen to online sermons
  7. Read Christian Books
  8. Attend local church
  9. Develop the fruits of the spirit
  10. Have periods of fasting regularly

Level 10 Marriage Goals

Level 10 Life Marriage Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. All children over the age of 3 years old sleep in their own bedrooms.
  2. Intimate time together 2+ times a week.
  3. Have quality time together every day
  4. Have a date night once a week
  5. Keep myself looking pretty and put together
  6. Do little acts of service
  7. Help Mark in his business
  8. Make an effort to stand back and let Mark lead our family
  9. Follow Mark’s leadership
  10. Vacation together once a year.

Level 10 Homemaking Goals

Level 10 Life Homemaking Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Have meals ready on time through menu planning and grocery shopping.
  2. Make sure everyone in our home has clean clothes to wear (laundry responsibilities!)
  3. Declutter the whole house once a year
  4. Create and establish daily cleaning habits
  5. Create and establish weekly cleaning habits
  6. Create and establish monthly cleaning habits
  7. Create and establish seasonal and yearly cleaning habits
  8. Organize the stuff that remains after decluttering
  9. Revamp our home, one room at a time, focusing on decorating
  10. Have a simple and minimalist home that feels like a vacation spot

Level 10 Financial Goals

Level 10 Life Financial Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Create a weekly budget and stick to it
  2. Find ways to increase our income
  3. Save R15,000 in a valley fund
  4. Save R200,000 in an emergency fund
  5. Continue saving 10%
  6. Start a retirement fund
  7. Start a college fund for each child
  8. Buy a home – CASH!
  9. Buy investment properties
  10. Give back to charities

Level 10 Personal Growth Goals

Level 10 Life Personal Growth Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Practice a new habit each month
  2. Meditate daily
  3. Affirmations and visualization daily
  4. Journal
  5. Read Books
  6. Listen to Podcasts
  7. Attend conferences
  8. Do online courses
  9. Study formal courses where I can get certified in various topics of interest
  10. Do an annual review each September

Level 10 Family Goals

Level 10 Life Family Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Establish a relaxing evening routine
  2. Have quality time with each child regularly
  3. Establish a homeschooling routine
  4. Eat main meal as a family at the table
  5. Have a family movie night once a week
  6. Have a Sunday afternoon picnic once a month
  7. Attend an event together once a month
  8. Take kids to a restaurant once a month
  9. Have a mommy and child date once a month
  10. Go on a family vacation once a year

Level 10 Recreation Goals

Level 10 Life Recreation Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Bullet Journal
  2. Read fiction books
  3. Play retro/vintage video games (and The Sims)
  4. Build a lego city
  5. Build a model ship
  6. Play Laser Tag (at least once)
  7. Go on a mall date by myself once a year
  8. Design and make a management game
  9. Explore local businesses, restaurants, nightlife, museums, markets, events, etc.
  10. Buy a caravan and travel!

Level 10 Giving and Church Goals

Level 10 Life Giving & Church Goals Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Give 10% of my income to the local church
  2. Give regularly to the Bible Society
  3. Participate and support local church activities and events
  4. Attend the Alpha Course each year
  5. Join or start a home cell group
  6. Join or start a women’s ministry
  7. Fina a place to serve in the local church
  8. Give regularly to Feed the Need
  9. Give regularly to a local charity
  10. Sponsor and Host a financial peace university event

Level 10 Health and Fitness Goals

Level 10 Life Health and Fitness Goals Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Drink 2000ml of water daily
  2. Take multivitamins
  3. Eat 2 fruits per day
  4. Eat 2 vegetables per day
  5. Run and/or walk on the treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes 2 to 3 times a week.
  6. Do a YouTube home workout video 2 to 3 times a week
  7. Do Yoga 2 to 3 times a week
  8. Participate in the park run weekly (and visit other cities park runs!)
  9. Join a gym
  10. Hire a personal trainer

Level 10 Career

Level 10 Life Career Goals Goals - Bullet Journal | AuthenticallyAsh.com
  1. Become an expert in the following areas:
    • Life planning and goal setting
    • Household budgeting
    • Menu planning, cooking, and baking
    • Time management
    • Home-based project management
    • Decluttering and minimalism
    • Cleaning routines
    • Home and family organizing
    • Childcare and homeschooling
    • Home beautification
  2. Strategically create and grow an online presence
  3. Grow my subscribers and followers list.
  4. Create downloadables
  5. Create an online course
  6. Write a book
  7. Start a podcast
  8. Speak at conferences and events
  9. Do one-on-one consultations, training groups, and host retreats
  10. Host a conference

Level 10 Life Printable

If you are a subscriber, you will have access to my free resource library. This week, I have included a Level 10 Life printable that you can fill in for yourself. Click this link to subscribe and get the password to my resource library.


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